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Reviews and Praise for
House Of Life

"In what could be crowned the most uplifting show of the Fringe, The House of Life aka Ben Welch and Laurence Cole from Sheep Soup combine preaching, live music, comedy and all round good vibes in this spectacle-come-religious experience. The show itself is in a category of its own... More than just one-off mixed songs and dance-tunes, The House of Life celebrates the good in people and purges our negative energy. You walk in, expecting a parody of a religious service, but instead are struck by Welch and Cole’s earnestness that sneaks in with messages of encouragement, imploring us to work build communities and give love to strangers. If you need a pick-me-up, you are guaranteed to walk away from The House of Life with a spring in your step." 

★★★★★ Broadway Baby Full Review

“By the end of this performance, which becomes more and more about the people you share this experience with, you will dig a little deeper to understand how important it is to seek joy from the simplistic things in life. Life-affirming and one of the most joyful productions the Edinburgh Festival Fringe has to offer this year”

★★★★★ Theatre & Tonic  Full Review

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★★★★★ The Telegraph  

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