Sheep Soup’s first short film is the slowest high speed race in history. When Shaun and Jess stumble upon what they assume to be an abandoned long boat, they decide to take it on a joy ride. Little do they know, Glenn is fast asleep inside. When Glenn wakes up hours away from home, and with a garden competition to get back for, Shaun and Jess lend a helping hand to get him back where he needs to be.
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The Leftovers

Following the sudden death of Jodie (occasional gig reviewer and the definition of misadventure), her closest friends join forces in a Nottingham recording studio. The makeshift band attempts to bring musical life to a horde of scribbles, poems, lyrics, philosophies and apologies she left behind.

They soon discover it’s a Pandora’s box full of muddled meanings and unfinished business. Jodie has left a trail of cracked relationships in her wake; a few red-hot saxophone riffs and a loop pedal aren’t going to fix that.
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Mrs Green

Mabel Green is a forgotten singer-songwriter from the golden era of soul and Motown, now residing in a council flat in Basford, Nottingham. An agony aunt for her local community, Mrs Green self-medicates her arthritis with home-grown marijuana, and eases the troubles of her many friends with the songs of her riotous past. On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, she’s invited the whole gang round for one last hurrah. Continue reading